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What does the Cloud Trial offer?

Whether it's Jira Software, Jira Service Management, or Confluence, the cloud versions offer the same features and functionality as the Data Center or Server editions.

The only difference is that the trial versions are limited in time. Whether standard or premium, the trial versions of the paid versions are limited to 7 days for new customers. However, the basic version for up to 10 users is completely free and unlimited in time. So, if you want to get familiar with Atlassian software for the first time, there is zero risk here. Just create an account and get started – there is no lower hurdle.

If you already have a license for an Atlassian product, you can put the corresponding cloud variant to the test. The test phase runs as long as your current license of Jira or Confluence is valid. For example, if you have just renewed your Data Center edition license for 12 months, you can test the cloud edition for one year, free of charge.

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Seven good reasons for the cloud

This is what the Atlassian Cloud has to offer

1. Worldwide access

As long as you have an internet-enabled device with a common browser, you can access Atlassian Cloud Software from anywhere in the world. Whether you're on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, in the office, on the bus or on the train, your Atlassian Suite is available globally. Progress, changes, notes, and files are stored in the cloud and immediately available to you and any employees, customers, partners, or suppliers you've granted access to.

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2. Create projects independently and create extensions yourself

Can you create complex projects yourself? The cloud edition grants rights and functionalities to ordinary users that are only available to Jira administrators in the classic on-premises version of Jira software. This is easily possible thanks to the stripped-down project management for next-gen projects.

Give it a try. The best thing to do is to create your own project right away.

Easily extend with Forge and JavaScript

Do you want to create your own apps or simplify the maintenance of your system? Previously you had to buy expensive external services or spend a lot of time and effort to develop your own apps. Now, in the cloud edition, you can easily put together your own extensions. The powerful and, above all, complete Forge developer toolkit makes it possible to script, test and deploy new functions. Another benefit of this Functions-as-a-Service platform: develop apps with Forge based on common DevOps practices.

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3. No hosting effort for you

Probably one of the most underestimated benefits of cloud solutions is the elimination of hosting and operations overhead. You don't have to buy your own hardware, keep it up to date, or spend staff time on maintenance and updates. In addition, Atlassian guarantees high availability of 99.9% (Premium Cloud) or 99.95% (Enterprise Cloud) per SLA.

Make the cost comparison and discover your savings potential.


4. Always up to date

Unlike on-premises solutions, there is no need for manual updates in the cloud. The Atlassian Suite is always up to date and contains all the features Atlassian has to offer. The update effort alone, which is eliminated for you at this point, is not an insignificant argument in favor of the cloud.

Experience for yourself how the cloud is constantly evolving.


5. Cloud-only exclusive features

The Atlassian Cloud offers numerous features that are not available on-premises or have to be licensed for a fee. These include Jira Automation for automating standardized processes, which requires no programming skills, and the ability to create next-gen projects without the support of Jira administrators.


6. Uniform design for all apps

Even though Atlassian has significantly improved the user experience of its server and data center versions over the years, when it comes to integration, it is clear that we are still dealing with different software. This fundamentally changed with the Atlassian Cloud. Because the developers were able to start over from scratch, they immediately ensured a universal look. The transitions between apps are so seamless that it feels like you're working with a universal platform.

Test yourself: Do you notice any transition points?


7. Flexible pricing model

In contrast to rigid annual licenses, as required by the Data Center editions of Atlassian's software, the cloud model offers significantly differentiated billing. Here, you are billed only per user, and the number of users can change from month to month. This means you don't have to carry around excess licenses for months on end, even though you don't need as many licenses as you originally thought. This is particularly beneficial for companies with volatile business models.

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