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Disruptive circumstances are forcing companies around the world to drive digitization faster and more comprehensively than ever before. Here, software developers have a significant advantage right from the start.
However, many teams in IT do not take advantage of all the possibilities of digitization, yet. Virtual Kanban boards, a ticket system tailored to software developers and transparent processes should be standard for all developers.
As an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, we offer you the complete product range, from non-binding consulting to the sale of software licenses, installation and configuration to administration. Please feel free to reach out to us!

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Go Kanban!

Kanban boards provide a complete overview of the next project milestones. Thus, all team members are always aware and can clear roadblocks out of the way before they put the entire project behind schedule. Detailed, virtual Kanban boards also enable you to discover untapped potential and optimize your team's workload.


Share Roadmaps

Give your team and all stakeholders an overview of the overall situation with just a few clicks. This way you can make sure your project is on track. In case it's not, you'll know where things are hitting a snag.


Master Scrum

The Jira Scrum Board visually represents the progress of your project and vividly displays the development cycles. Improve communication and focus your teams by planning collaborative sprints and iteratively driving your product's development.


Real-time visibility

How well is your team performing? Is performance consistent or are there peaks? With numerous detailed reports, you can keep an eye on everything. Whether it's the report on the current sprint, burnup and burndown charts or the reports on the degree of completion, Jira offers all the important developer dashboards out of the box.


Tailor Jira to your needs

Automated processes thanks to comprehensive programming interfaces

Individual workflows facilitate work processes

Seamless integration of developer tools

Over +3,000 apps for additional features

Jira Mobile App - access from anywhere anytime

Precise filtering with Jira Query Language

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We are happy to support you with your individual requirements.

The ISO-Gruppe companies have been using Atlassian products for their own software developments and for customers for many years. Our wealth of experience is accordingly extensive, are happy to share it with you. We would be pleased to advise you – without obligation and without risk.


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