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Where and how do we use Jira and Confluence?

In use at the ISO-Gruppe since 2014

We have been using Atlassian software for many years for our own products and also at our customers.

Atlassian products are implemented in roughly 40 customer projects. For internal ISO projects, there have even been over 100 projects to date. Currently, 16 of our core processes are based on Jira software, Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk) and Confluence. These include management for virtually all internal and customer-related projects, customer support, quality management systems, but also credit card-related ordering processes in the finance department.
This brief insight alone shows the variety of use cases that Atlassian products effortlessly cover. Jira and Confluence replaced many of the established tools in the ISO-Gruppe in quick succession after 2014 - including some in-house developments. Since then, numerous Jira and Confluence templates have been created, which we use with great success internally, but also for our customers.
This development led the ISO-Gruppe to become an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner.

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Projects & processes based on Atlassian software

For ISO Products & IT Services

Our Frankfurt-based department for data quality in SAP and non-SAP utilizes Jira software in the context of product and project management as well as in customer support. The professional Jira platform simplifies the further development, maintenance and administration of the different products. All of these are thematically part of the DQ environment and at the same time, the platform provides comprehensive solutions for different processes and tasks at our customers.

Therefore, it is necessary to track the entire product life cycle in Jira, to document specifications seamlessly, decisions and developments on Jira. The dashboards included in the Jira software also make controlling much easier. Whether it's the employee workload, the number and type of topics per product, or even resource planning, Jira makes it possible to estimate the hours of work likely to be required more accurately.

For this purpose, the data quality team uses Confluence as a knowledge database and to onboard new colleagues. Processes and quality standards are stored here, as is the documentation of the system landscape.


Projects and processes at customers

ISO Software Systeme produces software for airline revenue accounting. However, this software is not only installed at the customer's site, but also supported and maintained throughout the entire product life cycle.

For this purpose, Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk) is used, where the airline reports problems or change requests. The advantage is that we keep all important information such as cost center, metadata, etc. there and can thus assign the individual tasks to the right service agent. The complete communication is documented seamlessly in one place, which makes controlling much easier. In addition, a seamless process is also possible remotely, such as from home or the office.


For internal, administrative processes

In fast-growing companies with an increasing number of employees and departments, many invoices accumulate per month. Micro-transactions in particular are increasingly posing problems for finance departments. Which employee ordered what, for what purpose, and where do you find the invoice?

For this reason, the ISO-Gruppe has switched to a credit card-related ordering process via Jira. Only designated employees are able to submit orders via this process in order to maintain the necessary level of controlling. The employee specifies the expected amount, currency, payment method, supplier and purpose of the order in advance. This process has been established ISO-wide since 2018, which has ensured a significant reduction in the amount of rework.




ISO-Gruppe introduces Atlassian software


Core ISO-Gruppe processes are based on Atlassian products


ISO-Gruppe internal projects were implemented with Atlassian


Customer projects have been implemented with Atlassian


Jira and/or Confluence users across the ISO-Gruppe

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We are pleased to support you with your individual requirements.

The ISO-Gruppe companies have been using Atlassian products for their own software developments and for their customers for many years. Our wealth of experience is therefore considerable, and we are happy to share it with you. We would pleased to offer you advice — without obligation and risk-free.

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