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Jira Service Management is the perfect service partner for Jira Software and Confluence, the professional project and process tools.

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With Jira Service Management (JSM), you can manage all types of requests, whether they are requests, incidents, problems or changes, easily and clearly. Jira Service Management emerged from the well-known Jira Service Desk at the end of 2020 and expanded the previous tool with numerous new functionalities. In cooperation with Jira Software and Confluence, Service Management forms a flexible and powerful service platform for developers, users and customers.

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What is Jira Service Management suitable for?

IT Service Request Management

Do you want to provide fast, quality and efficient service within defined Service Level Agreements (SLA)? Jira Service Management supports you and your team in doing so. You can track issues and their resolution by always knowing who is doing what and the current status. Service requests reach you via the service desk, embedded widgets, emails or via API. Measure your team's response times and customer satisfaction with key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition, catch recurring service requests via FAQs and knowledge articles in Confluence, thus effectively saving you and your customers' time.


Application Development Request Management

Does your team want to deliver more features, develop new products with as little lead time as possible, use developer resources efficiently, and increase the reliability of your products? Put an end to communication chaos by centralizing your requirements management by using just one tool: Jira Service Management. Continuous Delivery is supported by proper bug and feature request tracking. Combine Jira Software Management with the developer tool Jira Software and your developers will always know what's going on.


DevOps and IT Operations

Are you looking not only to deliver more features in less time, but also to realize your team's full potential? With Jira Service Management, you encourage your employees to expand their mindset and take more responsibility for the performance of code in the production environment. Agile working is only possible when team members have a tool that fully supports them in their creative work. And that tool is Jira Service Management.

Through close integration with Jira Software and Bitbucket, you can see if, for example, a developer has recently made a certain change in the code or a certain deployment and is related to a certain incident.

Jira Software lets you know if developers already know about the issue. And if so, you can find out who made which change in the code in Bitbucket. By doing so, you always provide your employees with the right contextual information.


HR, Finance, Legal and more

Even though Jira Service Management was developed primarily for IT, the tool is also suitable for many other departments. Whether it's the HR department, finance or the legal department, the tool offers great advantages in virtually all areas. Requests and their processing can be tracked transparently and seamlessly.


Advantages through

Jira Service Management und Jira Software

No context switching between ITSM and the developer platform

Common platform for developers & operations

Faster deployments possible

Shorter reaction and solution cycles

Automation through intuitive workflows

Learning from incidents thanks to seamless documentation

What's new in Jira Service Management?

At the end of 2020, the Jira Service Desk became the new tool Jira Service Management. But not only did the name change, new and revised features have significantly expanded the existing range of functions.

Modern Incident Management – powered by Opsgenie

In case a technical problem occurs, it is crucial that the right people are provided with the information they need at the right time. The modern notification and preparedness management tool Opsgenie includes features for on-call scheduling, alerting, incident swarming and much more. Opsgenie can also be easily combined with Jira software and Confluence to establish a seamless problem resolution process for software development and IT operations.


Change Management – perfect for DevOps

To minimize software development friction, your team needs a modern change management system. Contextual information provided to all colleagues working in development and with infrastructure-related tools is essential for this purpose. Thanks to automated risk assessment, advanced release workflows and the integration of CI or CD tools such as Bitbucket Pipelines or Jenkins, change requests are triggered more smoothly.


Insight – CMDB

Issues are the Jira Service Management core business – but what about operations aside from that? With the new Insight CMDB you can manage assets such as hardware, software, licenses, office supplies, furniture and much more. All of these things can be found in a well-structured database for everything except issues. Administration is easy thanks to flexible automation via Insight Discovery and open APIs. But best of all, the Insight CMDB is integrated with Jira Service Management, thus providing you with a powerful combination.

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